C++ Programming for Engineers with MATLAB
CS 109
Spring 2019


This course is an introduction to computer science. It will teach you to think like a computer and act like a computer scientist. It will change how you approach problems and provide you with powerful tools that you can use to change the world. You will learn how to program in this course. It can be frustrating at times—computers are irritatingly literal machines. But programming is a skill, and like any other skill you will get better with practice.

Inspired by Geoffrey Challen. (


Shanon Reckinger, PhD
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You can find an up-to-date version of the syllabus here.  


Zybooks is our online textbook for this course. All homework, labs, and projects will be developed and tested here.  


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Gradescope will be used for submission of all the codes you write (for labs and projects) and also where we will return feedback and grades. We will also return graded exams on Gradescope.  Entry code:  M4GK2P. Please make sure you use your email address or it will not sync properly with Blackboard..


Exam 1 is Monday, February, 18th, 10 - 10:50 am in SES 250.  Review for Exam 1 is during lecture on Wednesday, Feb. 13.  Please thoroughly read the first two pages of the practice exam for more details on exam policy.  This will save you time on the day of the exam, so you don't have read the policies before you start the exam.  You can access the practice exam here.

Exam 2 is Wednesday, March 20th, 10 - 10:50 am in SES 250. Review for Exam 2 is during lecture on Monday, March 18. You can access the practice exam here.

Exam 3 is Friday, May 10th, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm in SES 250. Review for Exam 3 is during lecture on Wednesday, May 1. You can access the practice exam here (will be posted one week before exam).

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Project 2. Project 3. Project 4. Project 5. Project 6. Project 7.