Free Online MATLAB Resources for no experience

MATLAB on-ramp (by Mathworks) - best if you’ve never used or understood MATLAB

Getting Started with MATLAB Tutorials (by Mathworks) - best for review of syntax

Cody Coursework Problems (by Mathworks) - best for practicing solving problems in MATLAB; includes simple practice problems with auto grading and leader board.

Free Online MATLAB Resources for Beginners

(students seeking more practice after CS 109)

Introduction to Programming using MATLAB (by Shanon Reckinger) - a super great class! Wow! Seriously, this is a version of my introductory programming in MATLAB course that you can follow along with. Lots of practice projects.

MATLAB Tutorial for Engineers (by The University of Edinburgh) - a nice course booklet, as well as some videos. Some tutorials through Mathworks, which appear to be accessible only for Edinburgh students.

MIT Open Courseware - Introduction to MATLAB (by MIT) - includes lectures, assignments (no solutions), project ideas (no solutions);

Coursera’s Introduction to Programming with MATLAB (by Coursera) - is not free anymore, but they do offer financial aid for anyone who cannot afford the course fee; can include course badge on LinkedIn/your resume.

Free Online MATLAB Resources for Intermediate/Advanced Programmers

Advanced MATLAB for Scientific Computing (by Stanford School of Engineering) - click here to be notified the next time the course runs; This course is best suited for students with at least 3 credits of MATLAB programming experience (but probably need more); It is also best for students who are comfortable with linear algebra and calculus; Once you complete the course, you can receive a badge for LinkedIn/your resume.


MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications

Getting Started with MATLAB: A Quick Introduction for Scientists and Engineers

MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving

MATLAB for Engineers

An Engineer’s Guide to MATLAB

Free Programming Practice for Beg.-Adv. Programmers - C++, Java, Python

Code step by step (by Marty Stepp, Stanford) - C++, Java, Python, and more; Practice problems with auto grading and leaderboard; For students with only CS 107, 109, or 111 experience, there are some beginner practice problems (but the majority of the problems are geared for post Data Structures students).

edabit - C++, Java, Python, and more; lots of short programming exercises ranging from easy to difficult with auto grading; - C/C++ challenge exercises (no auto grading).

Project Euler - a fun community to do math and computer science practice problems online;

Code Chef - a very large network of problems, tutorials, competitions, and events; A very extensive list of beginning practice problems any any language; includes some tutorials for problems if you can’t get them;

Hacker Rank - a large amount of practice problems in a variety of languages (C++, Java, Python); further resources for competitions and jobs;