Dr. Scott Reckinger's Website

About Me:  I am computational fluid dynamicist with a focus on the physical processes that affect buoyancy related flows. I am currently a postdoctoral research associate at Brown University in the Department of Earth, Environment, and Planetary Sciences. I work with Dr. Baylor Fox-Kemper, and our research group studies the dynamics of the oceans in order to better represent the significant processes in climate models.

I completed my doctoral degree from the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. My advisor were Dr. Oleg V. Vasilyev in the Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation Laboratory and Dr. Daniel Livescu from Los Alamos National Laboratory. My dissertation focuses on the development of innovative numerical techniques for simulating compressible, multi-species, variable density flows.

I grew up in Woodbury, MN and attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, where I received a B.S. in Actuarial Science, a B.A. in Mathematics, and a minor in Physics. My main extra-curricular activity in college was playing soccer on the school's team.

Providence, RI and Fairfield, CT is where I now call home, along with my wife Shanon, our son Birk Oliver, and our dog Copper. My greatest passions in life are hiking, camping, landscape photography, and Nordic skiing.